Precious Dreams

Precious Dreams

November 2, 2010

New Project

Well, I have been so busy running the company that I forgot to Blog! Argh!
But I am back now, and I will add pictures of my late night sculpting sessions
I have a new baby ready to make his debut!

I also have many Reborns available, I have not taken all the photographs yet,
but you can visit them here

September 12, 2010

Ooo.. I am So Excited! Thank you to Cathy at Discover Dolls magazine :)
This is the front cover to Issue 25 of Discover Dolls Magazine!
I'm going to boost a little here, I am the first Artist to have 2 front covers
for the magazine. My First cover baby was Issue 2 which was a Reborn,
This cover is of my OOAK which has gone to Kit ... First Love

I am producing this 34 week preemie in a Limited Edition of just 300 kits
The kits should be released late September, I have around 80 kits left.

To find out more please visit First loves page

Baby Jade was reborn from the sold out JAYDEN kit by Natalie Scholl
I am going to find it so hard to say goodbye to this sweetheart, Rooting
her hair definately sparked my love for rooting again, something which I have not had for about 2 years! ... Please visit her auction for more photographs

August 31, 2010

I am so excited today!
My FIRST LOVE prototype kits have arrived
I am taking photographs of the blank kits
and will post the pictures later today.

August 21, 2010

Reborn baby Edward
With my Husband being away in Canada, I haven't been sleeping, this is not good for my health, but very good for my sculpting. It means I have been a bit of a night owl, sitting up until the small hours sculpting!

But, as ever... there is always a glitch somewhere, my oven has given up the ghost.. kaputt!
So now I have a new sculpt all finished just waiting to be baked :(

Oh well! .. At least I had some good news this week! The wax version of FIRST LOVE is all finished and the Prototype kits should be here with me in around 3 weeks! Whoohoo!
I also just heard that my other kits being produced via my Kit Company "Simply Reborn" will be shipping next week, this is certainly an exciting time for me as a sculptor.

Now... I need to return to "mission Oven Fix"

August 3, 2010

Please meet Bobbie, this is the little one I was working on when my daughter was taking photographs. He is a Scale 31 week Gestation baby complete with Body Plate.
I really enjoyed sculpting him, I am finding more and more that I sculpt better under preasure :) How strange is that!?
Bobbie will be used for the front cover of the Discover Dolls International Doll show in August 2010, I will be taking Bobbie to the Manchester show, so if you are coming along you can see him in person. His Auction will run for 10 days starting on Thursday 5th August 2010.

July 30, 2010

Busy at Work

I found a spare hour today to do some sculpting, and seeing as my Daughter Abbie is getting prepared to start her A Level Photography Cousre, she took the oppertunity to take some snap shots. It is a rare occasion that I venture on the other side of the Camera, but I have to say I love these pictures she took.

July 23, 2010

Please welcome "First Love"

New baby Coming....

I am pleased to have found a little time last night,
(well the middle of the night actually)
to start sculpting a new Preemie baby,
this baby will be about a 34 week Gestation sleeping baby.

I will post some pictures as soon as he is finished.

I will also be posting pictures of my little Preemie baby
who will be featured in the next Discover Dolls Magazine!
Excited!... It's an Understatement!!

July 20, 2010


Sydney by Ruth Annette & Tina Kewy
Available as kit late 2010

Baby Karen

Baby Karen is the first "Dual Artist kit" from Simply reborn limited
Her head has been sculpted by Ruth Annette and her limbs sculpted by Tina Kewy
Baby karen will be available late 2010

Addison & Angel Kits

Addison & Angel are expected to be available soon!
They are being produced by Simply reborn Ltd.


Baby Max

I am so pleased baby Max has found a wonderful new home
in the USA. Max is a newborn sculpture which I have sculpted
to scale of a 22 week Gestation baby.