Precious Dreams

Precious Dreams

June 7, 2014

Miss Lola~Rae

Precious~Dreams Baby Number~ 788

Date of Rebirth ~ June 2014

Rebirth Weight ~ 7Lb 5oz

Rebirth Length ~  20''

Euro Cloth Size ~ 50

UK Cloth Size ~ New Born
Kit Name ~ Noah
Sculpted by ~ Reva Schick

Caspar Available for Adoption

Precious~Dreams Baby Number~ 782

Date of Rebirth ~ May 2014

Rebirth Weight ~ 5Lb 15oz

Limited Edition ~ 515/650

Rebirth Length ~  19''

Euro Cloth Size ~ 50

UK Cloth Size ~ Newborn
Kit Name ~ Caspar
Sculpted by ~ Christa Gotzen


Well, it has been some time since I updated my Blog, I kind of gave up blogging for Facebook, but having gathered the maximum of 5000 friends on FB, I have decided to return to my blog!
I will be updating my Blog regularly with babies available for adoption, News on Doll shows I will be attending, and general Artist Doll chatter.

November 2, 2010

New Project

Well, I have been so busy running the company that I forgot to Blog! Argh!
But I am back now, and I will add pictures of my late night sculpting sessions
I have a new baby ready to make his debut!

I also have many Reborns available, I have not taken all the photographs yet,
but you can visit them here

September 12, 2010

Ooo.. I am So Excited! Thank you to Cathy at Discover Dolls magazine :)
This is the front cover to Issue 25 of Discover Dolls Magazine!
I'm going to boost a little here, I am the first Artist to have 2 front covers
for the magazine. My First cover baby was Issue 2 which was a Reborn,
This cover is of my OOAK which has gone to Kit ... First Love

I am producing this 34 week preemie in a Limited Edition of just 300 kits
The kits should be released late September, I have around 80 kits left.

To find out more please visit First loves page

Baby Jade was reborn from the sold out JAYDEN kit by Natalie Scholl
I am going to find it so hard to say goodbye to this sweetheart, Rooting
her hair definately sparked my love for rooting again, something which I have not had for about 2 years! ... Please visit her auction for more photographs

August 31, 2010

I am so excited today!
My FIRST LOVE prototype kits have arrived
I am taking photographs of the blank kits
and will post the pictures later today.