Precious Dreams

Precious Dreams

August 31, 2010

I am so excited today!
My FIRST LOVE prototype kits have arrived
I am taking photographs of the blank kits
and will post the pictures later today.

August 21, 2010

Reborn baby Edward
With my Husband being away in Canada, I haven't been sleeping, this is not good for my health, but very good for my sculpting. It means I have been a bit of a night owl, sitting up until the small hours sculpting!

But, as ever... there is always a glitch somewhere, my oven has given up the ghost.. kaputt!
So now I have a new sculpt all finished just waiting to be baked :(

Oh well! .. At least I had some good news this week! The wax version of FIRST LOVE is all finished and the Prototype kits should be here with me in around 3 weeks! Whoohoo!
I also just heard that my other kits being produced via my Kit Company "Simply Reborn" will be shipping next week, this is certainly an exciting time for me as a sculptor.

Now... I need to return to "mission Oven Fix"

August 3, 2010

Please meet Bobbie, this is the little one I was working on when my daughter was taking photographs. He is a Scale 31 week Gestation baby complete with Body Plate.
I really enjoyed sculpting him, I am finding more and more that I sculpt better under preasure :) How strange is that!?
Bobbie will be used for the front cover of the Discover Dolls International Doll show in August 2010, I will be taking Bobbie to the Manchester show, so if you are coming along you can see him in person. His Auction will run for 10 days starting on Thursday 5th August 2010.