Precious Dreams

Precious Dreams

August 21, 2010

With my Husband being away in Canada, I haven't been sleeping, this is not good for my health, but very good for my sculpting. It means I have been a bit of a night owl, sitting up until the small hours sculpting!

But, as ever... there is always a glitch somewhere, my oven has given up the ghost.. kaputt!
So now I have a new sculpt all finished just waiting to be baked :(

Oh well! .. At least I had some good news this week! The wax version of FIRST LOVE is all finished and the Prototype kits should be here with me in around 3 weeks! Whoohoo!
I also just heard that my other kits being produced via my Kit Company "Simply Reborn" will be shipping next week, this is certainly an exciting time for me as a sculptor.

Now... I need to return to "mission Oven Fix"

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